What is a “designer toy”, also called an “art toy”?

The word “toy” is often associated with a child’s plaything. However, designer toys are collectibles created by passionate artists and designers. Toys refine a child’s motor development, whereas designer toys define an adult’s artistic expression. These works of art are either self-produced or made by small independent studios. Artists use a variety of materials such as ABS, Vinyl, Resin, and more.


What is a “blind box”?

Blind Box refers to the type of sealed packaging that keeps the contents of the toy a mystery until you open it. Blind boxes typically come in a Series that are made up of a variety of different figures/designs that are usually depicted on the side of the box listed along with the odds of finding each one. Some are rarer than others and some are even super rare and hard to find. These are referred to as secret figures.


What is a “pre-order”? And when can I expect my order to be shipped?

Some items we have available for purchase are Pre-order items. This means you’re paying in full for an item in advance before its official release/ship date. The estimated release/ship date will be noted in the product description, and the item will not ship to you until that date or timeframe. Please note that the shipping schedule is subject to change. ALL SALES ARE FINAL for pre-order items. Once payment is received for these items, your order cannot be canceled or returned.


What shipping options are available?

Economy: > $105.00 - 9 to 14 business days - Free

Economy: $0.00–$105.00 - 9 to 14 business days - $8.00

Express: < 15lb - 5 to 8 business days - $35.00


Why is the shipping of my order is delayed?

We understand that waiting is the hardest part. A delayed package can be aggravating to both customers and the Artional team. There are usually a couple of common reasons why a shipment is delayed:

  • Crunched capacity and driver shortages: Due to the ongoing pandemic (Especially in Asia and other parts of the world, lockdown and protective measures continue), a surge in e-commerce, and other factors, carrier capacity is being strained and some shipping companies don't have enough drivers. Smaller, regional carriers are more susceptible to delays in shipping caused by these factors. Customs also take extended periods of time to clear imported products and packages. Unfortunately, if this is the case, there is little we can do. We are waiting impatiently for these products to arrive so we can fulfill our orders.
  • Inaccurate or incomplete delivery addresses: This issue is almost always caused by human error and is very preventable. Besides leading to delayed package deliveries, incorrectly entered addresses can also incur expensive correction fees.
  • Mega art toys (400%, 1000%) take longer in shipping due to size and special delivery accommodations: With large art toys, we are working with local freight service companies to ensure successful delivery. The last thing we want is for our customers to receive items damaged during delivery. Usually, our mega toys take additional 6-10 weeks to deliver. This extended time is split between warehouse processing and actual delivery. Some of our more popular products such as POP MART MEGA MOLLY takes even longer because we are shipping them out of our Hong Kong warehouse.


What if a pre-order is delayed for an extended period of time and I no longer want to wait?

Full refunds will only be issued if a pre-order item has been delayed extendedly for over two months. For those who wish to cancel after one month's delay, a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. Preordered items get delayed all the time for reasons beyond our control. It's unfortunate when situations like this happen, but we also understand that it wouldn't be fair to have you wait forever without a due date in sight. In this case, the customer can either request a full refund or 10% off the entire order. For instance, if a product is scheduled to ship in January and is still unavailable to ship at the end of March, a customer can reach out to our customer service to proceed with either option. Please note that chargeback is not the way to get your money back. For those who decide to charge back with the bank, unfortunately, there's nothing we can do once the chargeback process is initiated. The bank will withdraw the money from us and start its own investigation, which can take about 72 days. Your bank will release the amount to you once they reach a decision. It will be easier for us to issue you the refund directly, which usually takes about a week.

How do I track shipping for my order?
Once your order ships, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. Tracking status is provided for almost all shipments.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We do not have expedited shipping for orders larger than 20lbs, unfortunately. Customers can expect in-stock items to be shipped within 4-8 business days. For customers based on the East Coast, shipping takes about another 3-5 days; for those based on the West Coast, it might take up to two weeks to arrive given the current widespread freight service delay.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Venmo, and Apple Pay.
Can you provide me with more information about one of your toy artists?
Of course! Art toy is artwork created by artists. We want collectors to connect with the artists, especially the ones from abroad who have limited exposure in the U.S. We can show you their past portfolios or social media sites to connect with them. Artional also hosts live events periodically with artists where you can interact with them and ask any questions you’d like. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and receive firsthand information on new releases and event calendars.
Why does the packaging of some of your toys come in foreign languages?
We do not repackage art toys, so many come in the artist’s home language, except for mega toys (we sometimes repackage them to ensure safe delivery and minimize damages). It does not mean the product was swapped by us or come defective.
Why is my item’s packaging different from the original?
We sometimes repackage the mega toys shipped from abroad to minimize damages during delivery. For example, we normally detach the arms of POP MART Mega Molly before delivery and repackage them in a sturdier wooden bracket frame, so nothing gets crushed in the weeks-long shipping process. The arms can be reinstalled right back within seconds.
Can you help locate a limited art toy for me?
Yes! Please leave us a message and an art toy curator will reach out to you within 24 hours.
What if the product I received is damaged upon arriving?
If the item you received has a significant manufacturing defect (e.g., the product is broken or missing parts), we’ll be happy to exchange it for the same non-damaged item; if the item is no longer in stock, it may be exchanged for another item of equal value, or a refund may be issued. Please check our policies for further instructions on how to return a defective product.
Do you charge taxes?
Since we’re based in Miami, we’re required to charge sales tax on any orders shipped to addresses within the State of Florida. We don’t collect Customs fees, duties, or VAT for orders shipped to destinations outside of the United States. The recipient is responsible for these fees which are determined by the destination country's specific regulations.
What coupon codes are available?
Always check with our online operators for available coupon codes for the day. If you are lucky, she/he might give you a special one
What is your return policy?
Please check our store policies section for details: https://artionalcollectible.com/pages/shipping-and-return
What is your cancellation policy?
Please check our store policies section for details: https://artionalcollectible.com/pages/shipping-and-return